Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out with the old...

Out of the cupboard that is. When I was cleaning out the kitchen and throwing out stuff, I found this bowl tucked away in the back of the cupboard. It had a piece of masking tape with my Grandma Ball's name on it. I don't remember getting it, but when I saw it I remembered it from my childhood. I know she used it over and over again to serve her family and friends the love she cooked up in her kitchen. I love the fact it has a chip. Makes me wonder how it got there and it makes me think about Grandma and how she wouldn't have let that chip ruin her day. So instead of sticking it back into the cupboard I decided that I needed to take it out and use it. I need to take it out of the cupboard to help me remember that I can't let the little chips of life ruin my day. While I was at it, I got out an old tablecloth that was my mom's and put that on my table. I like having a part of Grandma and Mom in my kitchen and dining room. It reminds me of them and brings them closer.
BTW, the dish drainer is still clean and I'm amazed at how one clean dish drainer transfers over to a clean house.


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  1. I love old dishes, especially those with such a special story.