Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let there be light...

A pretty dreary day here today. Still raining and blowing hard. I'm thankful for my snug cozy little house. I took the one picture out my dining room window at 9:15 just before we headed out the door to Sunday school and church. You can see that most of the light is what was reflecting on the glass from inside the house. I think we are at just under 6 hour of "daylight" today. Up almost 10 minutes from the shortest day. The darkness isn't so bad if there is snow on the ground, but ours has all washed away so we don't get any reflective light. So it still feels pretty dark as I sit here and type at 3 in the afternoon. I usually have a few candles burning and today is no exception. I love how they can bring warmth and light into the darkness. As I was sitting in church today I was reminded how we are called to bring light into the world. We can reflect the light and warmth and love that God has given to us into the dark world around us. Lord, help me remember this as I head back to work tomorrow.
The other two pictures are of my Chirstmas presents from my daughters. One bought me an otter neck warmer and the other gloves trimmed with otter and beaver. I love them!



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  1. Wow Marleen! 9:15!!! The candles must keep your house feeling so cozy. What sweet girls you have.