Monday, January 3, 2011

A girl and her dog

When I said I needed to take a picture tonight, Cadi wanted me to take one of her and Bailey. So here you go. I'm trying to take more photos without the flash, using the tripod. Like how soft this one turned out.
Today was our first day back at school. It started in a cold house because the furnace went out last night. It was about 60 degree, and I sure missed my hot shower! It felt pretty good to be back and I'm still getting used to the "new" old room. We're in the same room, but it's different and just a bit smaller so I'm still trying to get everything figured out. I did have a white board today. No smart board or bulletin boards yet, but the bulletin board was getting installed when I was leaving after school. I'll try to remember to take my camera to school tomorrow and get a picture of the room.
Day three of the whole finish what you have started thing and probably the most cleansing part of that is that my dish drainer has been empty for 3 days! Strange, but it is quite the lovely feeling for some odd reason! I know...very quirky. I could just be changing into my mother...

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  1. Your girls are getting so 'grown up'! Both just lovely (and the dog is cute too!)