Monday, January 31, 2011

January is gone

That was pretty darn fast! Just two very random pictures today. Cadi's amaryllis is in full bloom and cheering up the house even though it's dreary and windy outside. The other one is Josi's doing. She has her pandas back out again. Haven't seen them for a very long time, but they came to breakfast. Actually she said they were playing poker. Panda's playing poker with rice crispies...never quite sure where she come up with this stuff!


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  1. oh my gosh the pandas are wayyy too funny!!! Your flower is beautful What a nice way to celebrate the blooming in harsh times/weather that we all seem to face in life. Those flowers always have a special meaning in my life.

  2. Pandas playing poker with rice krispies!! Gosh I love that girl's imagination! Just got caught up on your blog-love reading yours and Mrs. Stavig's. Makes me feel a little more connected to home...Love it!