Sunday, January 9, 2011

in Search of Vitamin D

And we found a good dose today. We headed out the road to the Copper River Delta after an awesome church service today. For those of you not familiar with Cordova. We sit on Orca Bay with some pretty tall mountains that block the direct sunlight to a good portion of town during this time of the winter. But if you drive about 7 miles out our total of 50 miles of road you come out onto the delta and the mountains are only on one side so you can get excellent sunlight on those clear winter days we sometimes have. Today was one of those spectacular days that just restores the soul. Cadi took a lot of these photos with her new Christmas present. A little Canon powershot that she is doing an incredible job with. These photos were taken between 2:30 and 3:00 so you can tell how low the sun is in the sky. Tomorrow we will be back to school and will be inside for most of the daylight hours, but today we got some vitamin D that didn't come from a bottle! BTW, that is a moose hoof print frozen into the icy snow.

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  1. More gorgeous photos! We have a Canon PowerShot too right now and love it! We don't get much D either since in the winter it is almost dark when we get up on the night shift.