Monday, February 21, 2011

I know this is crazy...

I'm in Anchorage at the ASTE conference learning all about using technology in the classroom. Lots of interesting information and fun getting to meet people and talk about the different areas of our state. BUT one of my favorite things is the fact that I have total control of the remote when I come back to my hotel room each night and the fact that I can eat all the peanut products I want! Miss my kiddos a lot. Feel like part of me is missing. So here's the photo to commemorate thepeanut feeding frenzy that's been happening here! oh and I forgot the king sized bed and the no cooking or cleaning
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  1. I'm SOOOOOO glad neither of mine is allergic to peanuts - I would go nuts without peanut butter so I can understand your peanut indulgence! I wish I could send you a basket of peanut butter cookies!

  2. LOL!!! Oh Marleen, I SO understand!! Enjoy each moment of your solitude, each morsel of peanuty goodness, and all your favorite TV shows!!