Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy New Year




I better check in and let you know we are still alive. Just a very busy week last week. Each morning is starting a little after 5:00 am so Cadi can get to volleyball practice on time. Then I've had a little quiet time to spend before Josi gets up and we get to school. Life at school has settled into a nice routine now. Everything doesn't seem quite so new and I'm remembering when I put stuff and life is a little more automatic. This was nice too this week because several of us have been using the new gym to get some exercise. So that has been a good feeling and my broken leg is finally starting to move more normally again. Yesterday the three of us got much needed haircut. That's what we're supposed to do for Chinese New Year. Josi was gracious enough to pose so you can see her new do. Last night we had the great pleasure of going to some of our friends for a Chinese New year celebration. We had quite a bit of snow during the day, but by the time we were finished with the delicious meal the snow stopped and we set off some more of the sky lanterns. They were so pretty in the snow! Of course we had to have a few firecrackers too! It was just such a lovely evening and again I am reminded of the first CNY I spent with my new daughter and how the traditions have formed over the last 12 years. It's an important part of our year, just like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and birthday celebrations and I treasure the familiarity of the celebrations we have.

The pictures of the sky lanterns I lifted from the internet. I wanted you to have an idea of what our celebration looked like!
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